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subham Lifestyle


subham Lifestyle was conceptualized in 1999 by subham Lifestyle (formerly known as subham Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.) and was incorporated as a company in 2002. Till 2008 its operations focused on strengthening its brand in the men’s ethnic wear segment. subham Lifestyle started its retail expansion in 2008 and boasts of 452 stores spread across 170 cities in 6 countries today. subham Lifestyle culturally is a very open organization and various communication tools provide channels for ground level, instantaneous, and real time feedback. All stores aare connected in real time through our ERP system; employee communication and engagement across all locations is achieved by a single customized tool. Our constant endeavor is to live upto our company’s core value of ‘Earn Your Respect’.

This expansion is supported by the entire subham Lifestyle Parivar with over 900 executives in our own retail outlets, 300 corporate office members, about 500 factory and supply chain employees and over 3000 employees who work with our 260+ franchise partners. The underlying DNA in every member of the parivar is based on the company ethos of ‘Transparency, Fair Play and Care’.

The average work force here is around 24 years of age, so we also take up the responsibility of up skilling and right skilling of all members. Consequently, a large part of working with subham Lifestyle is about self-development and is a rigorous process of identifying oneself and one’s own competencies and areas of interest. To be a part of our journey, please send us your resume at career@subhamlifestyle.com

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